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In the company to the people, quality first, the credibility of the first, the principle of the first customers

Is a professional engaged in the production of seedlings, landscape design, construction, green conservation in one of the engineering company, the past few years, the company with strong strength and pioneering spirit, the spirit of excellence, the completion of the construction of a large number of the Class garden landscape project, fruitful, won the unanimous praise of customers, has accumulated a lot of design and construction experience, leaving many pleasing masterpiece, the future of the Company will continue to continue to "customer first", the commitment to excellence and dedication to The majority of customer service.Since the establishment of the company, Careers, widely absorbed talent, now has a more solid technical personnel, a gardener, design engineers, construction engineers, project managers a total of 20 people, the park construction, green conservation and other fixed workers 100 people. Companies to provide comprehensive professional services, the main business include: plant green, private villas, real estate, parks, squares, roads, schools and other green projects.The company in the people, the quality of the first, the credibility of the first, th...



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