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Ultrasonic technology and its application

release time:2016/10/17 8:59:41

Ultrasonic cleaning is the ultrasonic vibration energy spread to the cleaning solution, the use of the combined effect of the two to clean the dirt on the cleaning parts. Ultrasonic cleaning in the industrial application of a wide range, mainly for zero, parts cleaning requirements of more stringent occasions, such as parts in the finishing process of cleaning, pre-assembly cleaning, geometric shape complex (porous, deep hole, Blind holes, microporous) of the hole parts of the cleaning, as well as dirt adhesion of small and medium parts cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning In addition to cleaning zero, the surface of the oil components, the surface of the residual parts of the grinding paste, polishing paste and other paste dirt also has a good cleaning effect. In addition, it can also be used to remove mild rust or oxide on the surface of the part. Ultrasonic cleaning for the removal of carbon deposition effect is very good (need to use specially prepared cleaning fluid), and has a more mature experience. In the diesel locomotive manufacturing and repair department, ultrasonic cleaning has been applied to some small parts and precision parts cleaning, such as cylinder head, rolling bearings, gears, valve parts, pump parts, a variety of filter components, , High-pressure pump plunger, fuel injector needle, high-pressure oil pump out of the valve, such as cleaning. In foreign countries, has adopted high-power ultrasonic cleaning equipment, to clean the diesel engine body and locomotive on the large zero, parts. Some of our diesel repair factories have also begun to use high-power ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the diesel engine to be repaired (bore 150 ~ 230 mm), and achieved the desired cleaning effect. The use of ultrasonic cleaning, simple process, easy operation, low labor intensity, good cleaning quality, high cleaning efficiency, and easy to achieve zero, parts cleaning automation, which is a very promising cleaning method.


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