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Application of Ultrasonic Technology in Auto Repair

release time:2016/10/17 8:57:49

With the development of science and technology and the development of automobile maintenance industry, there have been some new technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipment in automobile maintenance and repair. They can not only improve the speed and quality of vehicle maintenance, but also enhance the reliability of the car to extend the life of the car, but also can reduce vehicle maintenance consumption, reduce maintenance costs, so that enterprises get higher economic efficiency.
Vehicle maintenance need to clean parts, the purpose of a first part of the inspection, classification, easy to find parts of the damage and timely repair; the second is to ensure the quality of maintenance assembly.
The use of ultrasonic technology, the physical cleaning effect and the cleaning medium of the perfect combination of the two, and optimize the choice of ultrasonic frequency and power density, to achieve a variety of parts inside and outside the oil, coke, gum and other dirt full, thoroughly Cleaning. Foreign also uses microwave cleaning ultrasonic technology, so that the parts are washed in the role of microwave, the surface of the formation of holes, and then the oil, paint their own off. Therefore, in the vehicle maintenance should vigorously promote these new ultrasonic technology.
     Ultrasonic cleaning technology features:
Ultrasonic cleaning technology in the automotive engine cylinder and parts cleaning in the ultrasonic application, compared with the traditional cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning has the following advantages:
     1. Cleaning more thoroughly
Ultrasonic cleaning technology, ultrasonic principle that the way is very suitable for cleaning the engine cylinder block, cylinder head shape complex components. Such parts if the manual cleaning, there are many parts are difficult or can not be cleaned to the use of tools can not get a good cleaning effect. Cleaning agent can only dissolve part of the dirt, stubborn dirt and parts of the internal dirt is powerless. Ultrasonic cleaning is a wonderful physical cleaning method, like numerous small brushes at the same time cleaning the inside and outside the surface of the object, so you can make the traditional method can not complete the inner surface and the hole cleaning time.
     2. Safe operation, energy conservation
Cleaning of small parts is currently using gasoline or diesel scrub, so the operating safety factor is very low, easy to cause accidents. The ultrasonic technology to clean the use of water-based cleaning agent, no hidden trouble.
     3. high working efficiency
Just put the parts after the disintegration of the washing machine in the wire basket and press the switch can be in the cleaning process, the maintenance staff can do other work.
     4. Low cleaning costs
Due to high reuse of cleaning agents, supplies procurement cheap, so the cleaning costs are generally only traditional cleaning methods 1/3 to 1/8.


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