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Application of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine in Food Industry

release time:2016/10/17 8:56:31

For a long time, in the field of food industry, jet flushing has been the mainstream method. Also the use of ultrasound in the case of error, in general, almost no use of ultrasound. However, in recent years, more and more consumer food safety has been considered, and more sophisticated cleaning techniques have been introduced in the food industry. Ultrasonic cleaning machine can fully meet the above requirements.
     Ultrasonic cleaning applications include:
     1, lunch boxes, cutlery cleaning out the lunch box lunch cleaning, or cleaning the tableware on the plane. Compared to high pressure spray, more high-speed, more thorough.
     2, the beverage bottle cleaning a variety of beverage bottles, beer bottles, white wine bottle cleaning.
     3, the shelf cleaning beer bottles boxes, shopping baskets and other previously not be taken seriously, and now for the cleanliness requirements have been higher and higher.
     4, the food itself is recommended in the cleaning of soybeans to remove surface bacteria in the use of this new ultrasonic cleaning technology. Other, radish and other root vegetables can also be applied. Future use will continue to expand.
     5, food manufacturing machinery, parts cleaning in the food manufacturing plant to use all the parts need to be cleaned as a cleaning object. Here is the new field of application of new ultrasonic cleaning technology that breaks common sense.
     6, ultrasonic washing rice using the new ultrasonic cleaning technology for the moment of ultrasonic washing rice. Making delicious rice needs to be washed in seconds.


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