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We closely follow the development trend of the Internet, we fully use the large data of information technology, we firmly believe that the core values of high-quality talent.

We're looking for you, a challenger who embraces the Internet to meet the challenges of change! Like a high IQ team and work together, unwilling to mediocrity aspiring young people! A look forward to free and open culture of the new new human! A strong and tenacious goal of a clear independent people!

Come on, let us "together, go farther"

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Career Requirements:

Companies due to business development needs, is a clerk recruitment requirements:

Be able to master office software OFFICE;

Writing well, clear thinking, to prepare standard format documents;

Stable, friendly, good communication;

To assist in the future completion of the various departments of data collation, writing, coordination, distribution work;

Relevant work experience is preferred.

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