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Development Trend of Seedling and Seedling in Seedling Industry in 2016

The 18th Party Congress put forward "to promote the industrialization, information, urbanization, agricultural modernization simultaneously." The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on March 24 to consider and adopt the Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Ecological Civilization (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), pointing out that "synergistically promoting new industrialization, urbanization, informationization, agricultural modernization and greening" 


This is the first time that the concept of "green" has been put forward and the "four modernizations" have been extended to "five modernizations", which shows that the CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to the construction of ecological civilization and has been upgraded to strategic deployment.

Green is the way of production, lifestyle, but also values

Green has a rich connotation. Green is the true nature of life, is the natural vitality of the ecosystem. Is a process that means something to achieve. Greening is not only manifested as the natural nature of the ecosystem, but also embodied in the human spirit world, that is, the green concept, values, internalization of human green, external into human green behavior. The green development of the 18th Party is one of the important development ways of ecological civilization construction. Greening is the inherent requirement and external manifestation of green development. Greening gives a new connotation of the construction of ecological civilization: it is a green production mode, but also a green way of life, or a green-oriented values.

Can be from three dimensions to interpret the central "green" reasons.

The first dimension, the global green development trend. With the economic growth, the deterioration of the environment and the depletion of fossil energy, the world is in the transition period of civilization, specifically in the transformation of industrial civilization to ecological civilization, fossil energy to renewable energy, high carbon economy to low carbon economy Transformation, the value of human survival to the ecological value of transformation, society is entering the harmony between man and nature green development path. From the theory of sustainable development, to the circular economy, low carbon economy exploration, green transformation of the industry led the world economy to upgrade and change, especially green products, green finance, green consumption has become the trend of leading the international trend of green. 

The second dimension, the urgent need for the development of green transformation in China. 30 years of reform and opening up, China's total GDP growth of more than 10 times the world's average growth rate of 3 times, not only enhanced the overall national strength, greatly improving the lives of the broad masses of the people, but also for the world to provide inexpensive product. However, the achievement of our achievements is a huge price in terms of resources and environment in exchange for, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, chemical oxygen demand, persistent organic pollutants in the forefront of the world's total emissions, not only to China's sustainable development Big hidden dangers, but also cause the world's worries and worry. Changing the way of development particularly requires green lead.

The third dimension, the new central collective leadership to the construction of ecological civilization as an important part of the national strategy of governing the country. "Construction of ecological civilization is the relationship between the people's well-being, the future of the nation's plans." At the beginning of the reign, Comrade Xi Jinping as the general secretary of the new central collective leadership, put the construction of ecological civilization as an important part of the national strategy of governing the country, the construction of ecological civilization, to achieve a beautiful China as a new China to set up a hundred years One of the goals, and in the Communist Party of China set up a hundred years, it is necessary to create a "blue sky green water," the beautiful home on a breakthrough. Only by accelerating the process of green, in order to achieve the people's expectations of a good ecological environment.

The green industry will be cultivated as a new growth point of economic and social development

Do we have the basis and conditions for the development of green economy, bigger and stronger green industry? The answer is yes.


Green economy by the clean energy, energy saving, low-carbon technology, recycling economy and a series of green industry composition. In recent years in these industries, technology, we should say that we have a relentless exploration and ahead of the layout, has made gratifying achievements. The greenness of the economy is already in line.

In the field of clean energy, although the renewable energy in the energy consumption structure accounted for about 10%, but the solar cell production, wind energy and water capacity capacity, nuclear power construction units have reached the world first.

In the field of energy-saving emission reduction, although our advanced level of technology and developed countries than a certain distance, but we eliminate backward production capacity equipment, development and production of energy efficient equipment widely used, popular fast, in the smart grid, energy storage system, Energy vehicles and other areas have made a breakthrough, with a wide range of application conditions to promote.

In the field of low-carbon technology, whether it is carbon capture and storage of new technologies, or the use of traditional energy technologies to enhance, have been used in a number of areas.

In the field of circular economy, in 2005 began to implement the construction of circular economy park, the focus of energy consumption industry pilot demonstration has been to explore a relatively mature, marketable system and model. In the desalination of water, water use and garbage, waste car appliances and other aspects of the accumulation of experience, the formation of recycling industry chain.

Green will help boost the rapid rise of China's green economy, "opinions" to create a new green industry growth point pointed out that the direction to accelerate the green production methods to build a high technological content, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution, industrial structure and production Way, a substantial increase in the degree of economic green, accelerate the development of green industry, the formation of new economic and social development point of growth.

Of course, we should fully understand the green economy, green industry is still in the beginning, will face the traditional concept of development and traditional development of the constraints, the realization of green there is still a long way to go.

All-round green development, we must let the green into the "four"

Greening is reflected in the way of thinking, production, lifestyle, consumption, so the promotion of green must be all-round.

First, the top design based on "five simultaneous". "Opinions" in the first "green", and with the new industrialization, urbanization, information technology, agricultural modernization side by side. This means that instead of the "four modernizations" to complete the implementation of green, but "five simultaneous", to green into the former "four", that is, new industrialization, urbanization, information technology, agricultural modernization Must be green, no green to do the premise and the development of security is meaningless.

Second, the development mode based on the new economic normal. The new economy tells us that the traditional elements and investment-driven, in pursuit of scale and speed of development is over, high energy consumption, high emissions, high pollution industry has been eliminated, the future development will be driven by innovation, is To green, recycling, low carbon characteristics of the sustainable development. Green development is green in the development model of the embodiment, emphasizing the economic activities and the results of the green.

Third, drive the source of leveraging green technology innovation. Green development requires green technical support, green technology innovation has become an important source of driving. To change the status quo of China's green technology innovation power shortage, all-round integration of existing green technology innovation elements, the establishment of talent, research and development, products, market green support system, forming around the green economy, green development, gathering, the release of innovation potential and vitality Of the linkage system, so that innovation in the green transformation to become a lasting driving force. We have to track and catch up with the world's cutting-edge green technology, but also based on national conditions, in the industrial waste disposal technology, resource recycling technology, new energy development and utilization of technology and other aspects of investment and policy support efforts to form a green technology with Chinese characteristics Innovation system mechanism. 

Fourth, the whole people to participate in creating a green lifestyle. An important criterion for measuring greening is that the green concept becomes the mainstream values of society, and the green lifestyle becomes the conscious behavior of the people. To this end, the "opinions" stressed that we must speed up the promotion of green lifestyle, lifestyle and consumption patterns to thrifty, green low-carbon, civilized and healthy direction of change, the force of extravagance and unreasonable consumption, the formation of everyone, everything , Always advocating ecological civilization of the new society, for the construction of ecological civilization to lay a solid social and mass basis. To promote the concept of green, the formation of consensus, the Government to vigorously promote and implement the responsibility, strict law enforcement punishment, supervision in place, encourage everyone to participate in a concerted effort. 

"Opinions" stressed that the construction of ecological civilization is a political task, related to the realization of "two hundred years" goal, related to the sustainable development of the Chinese nation, is the inevitable requirement of building a beautiful China. Green for the construction of ecological civilization plug in the wings of the take-off, Castle often in the steady flow of air is often the basic embodiment of green, and establish a "green mountains is Jinshan Yinshan" development concept is to green development, Cycle development, low-carbon development as the main way to promote the construction of ecological civilization. As long as we persevere to persevere, beautiful China's goal will be able to achieve early.

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