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Joining process

First, channel support

For the franchisee shop location, experience and forecast to provide a scientific service for dealers to provide a variety of business support, including props support, decoration support and return policy support, as well as the late image upgrade, etc., to encourage dealers Advancing with the times, innovative brands, and ultimately achieve mutual benefit, win-win cooperation.

Second, brand support

Has a strong planning team, timely and effective marketing activities, in order to promote the rapid turnover of the terminal shop to enhance the operating performance of the terminal store to provide an important guarantee and sustained strength. The introduction of Ying Yang legend, APK Noah International and other well-known brand advisory body to sort out the brand and remodeling. And film star Huang Xiaoming successful renewal. And CCTV - news channel, Zhejiang TV "China Dream Show", Hunan TV "China's strongest voice", Oriental TV "China Dream Sound" to cooperate regularly on the brand communication campaign, online and offline, new media and traditional media, To achieve link interaction, the greatest efforts to promote the brand promotion.

Third, the goods support

Organize the implementation of two large-scale new conference every year, inviting all parts of the franchisee to the scene to see like orders, full PDA support. (Including style, fabric, price, item number, color, size, delivery time, sales period, etc.), the use of terminal information system, fast and timely delivery of goods to the latest information. In accordance with the agents of goods sales status in a timely manner, fast delivery, to ensure that all goods on time supplement. A complete return policy to ensure that the regional regional exchange of goods accurate and efficient, to ensure the smooth sales of goods.

Fourth, price support

Strict and perfect price system to ensure the success of the brand success. National unified retail price is the brand has been the rigid index, the company in accordance with the principle of unity, transparency and openness, the establishment of a unified national terminal market retail price system, and constantly maintain the brand value, protect business partners and customer interests, standardize market order, Good and harmonious operating environment.

Fifth, training support

Human resources is the first positive energy development of enterprises, is the core competitiveness of the specific performance. Attaches great importance to the training of staff in various positions. And cooperation with the international brand management consulting firm, to provide marketing management training, brand planning, market strategic planning, import advanced management mode, the establishment of scientific training base for the new shop dealers, manager, shopping guide for long-term professional, systematic, Standardized training for the terminal shop to export a steady stream of talent.

Six, information support

Actively promote the clothing ERP system full coverage, through the clothing ERP system information platform and distribution system, to achieve the entire sales chain static data can be monitored, effective tracking. Investment has been more than 10 million of the information management project ERP system has been achieved from the headquarters to the terminal 80 percent of the on-line rate, the terminal shop for effective timely adjustment and follow-up for the terminal to provide decision-making for product development to provide market information , Greatly enhance the brand terminal retail and commodity data management of scientific and response speed.

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