Case 4

Decoration, especially home decoration as a popular concept of quality of life can be used as a people's happiness index to enhance one of the major signs in the late 1980s, was born in China.

        Decoration, also known as decoration or decoration. Is a set of construction plan and design scheme which is realized in certain area and scope, including hydropower construction, wall, floor, ceiling, landscape and so on, according to certain design concept and beautiful rules. Small furniture and the door to the display orientation, large to the room accessories and lamps custom processing, are the decoration of the embodiment. Decoration and decoration is different from the decoration of the living supplies or living environment for the art of processing methods. Strengthen the aesthetic effect, and enhance its function, economic value and social benefits, and to environmental protection for the design concept. Perfect decoration should be closely integrated with the function of the object, to adapt to the production process, play material material performance, and has a good artistic effect.

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