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The perfect wallpaper paste method

Colorful wallpaper style, color and color, by more and more consumers like, and the wallpaper itself, the unique texture, but also makes it with paint and ceramic tiles, do not have a flavor. But the wallpaper is particularly vulnerable to moisture, in the construction process, pay special attention to the moisture of wallpaper.

       Light - colored wallpaper diffusion visual space

       Home decoration Wallpaper, the main selection of patterns and colors. Wallpaper production enterprises in the production of wallpaper, each pattern will have several different combinations of colors, therefore, to determine the pattern, to repeatedly compare the effect of various color combinations, and with the home decoration of the overall style, color unity, Special attention should be paid to the effect of large area after use, so as to choose a good fit for their own living space wallpaper.

       Small room can use a better reflection of the