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A summary of the inter - panel decoration style

The decoration between the model not only reflects the luxury and high-grade, but also lead and represents the style of today's home improvement. Once the heavy decoration, light decoration into a light decoration, re-decoration, then the model between the decoration style is how? With the Shanghai decoration company look at it.

       Neoclassical style

       "Form of scattered God together" is the main features of the neo-classical style. In the emphasis on decorative effects, with modern techniques and materials to restore the classical temperament, the new classical style with the classical and modern dual aesthetic effect. Neo-classical style gives a sense of noble, beneficial to enhance the quality of the project distinguished.

       Some more economic strength and purchasing power of the owners, especially in the four-year-old age of this age are often like this style, their character is often stable, subtle mainly. Too modern, unrestrained, abstract design but do not meet their aesthetic standards.

       Jane Chinese style

       It is the use of traditional Chinese concept, combined with modern minimalist approach, take the representative of the Chinese elements or symbols, the integration of modern simple point, line, surface treatment, to show a new style of life. This style can reflect the cultural taste of the occupants and the era of simple life.

       Traditional Chinese style is too complex, the process is also more special, so the cost of rising, but the simple Chinese style in part of the surface, the line after a certain streamlined, coupled with modern simple approach is more controllable in cost, and can reflect the decoration effect. Now on the market for modern and European, Chinese itself is less, Jane Chinese style less, but also the new market customers can better accept a style.

       modern style

       It is characterized by the characteristics of the times, not too much decoration, everything from the function, pay attention to the proportion of moderate shape, clear and beautiful spatial composition, emphasizing the internal space of the crisp, simple. But also reflects the fast pace of modern life, simple and practical, but full of vitality of the new atmosphere of life. At present the market a number of projects are in a modern style, but also more common, and easy to market acceptance.

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