Children's room decoration attention to the four points, to the children a healthy environment, let the children thrive.

       Children's room decoration requirements of the most stringent, as parents, for your child's health, the following four points you must know.

       1. Children's room wall suitable for the use of water-soluble, environmentally friendly, scrub-resistant interior paint. Children lively, rich in the role of enlightenment, but the safety of paint must be strictly.

       2. Many parents choose to buy a foam puzzle-style carpet, the carpet selling point is to help children learn simple letters; however, few people know that this carpet is not suitable for children's room layout, because it may Will cause the indoor air of volatile organic compounds increased concentration.

       3. Children's bed bedding selection should be based on the fabric as the primary condition, comfortable soft fabric can reduce the child's skin allergies.

       4. Children's room door suitable for solid wood doors, the door surface of the proposed use of environmentally friendly paint. It is best not to use the door core by the core board to do the composite door, the formaldehyde content and release of such doors are relatively high.